Scene and Heard – CCCLXXVII :  No Sleep Feat. Rf Timbo – Pete Guapeton  (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

35986733_2161077480845707_4347285946194984960_nThe real charm of No Sleep is that the music perfectly matches the nocturnal feeling of the subject matter. There is an element of somnambulism about it, as if the listener is sleep walking through a musical dream where ambient hip-hop, pulsing bass lines and skittering beats form the soundtrack. The space left in between the beats, the notes and the lyrics allow atmosphere and anticipation to be just as important as the hypnotic, and often warped, lyrics and the spacious beats and the result is something smoke-like and transient.

Urban music is always looking for somewhere new to go, new territories to explore and rather than push harder into the realm of musical bombast and sonic brawn, No Sleep takes the cleverer move and strip things back into a cloaked and nocturnal blend of cool R&B, rap and almost gothic hip-hop. How cool is that?


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