No Regrets  –  Ben Green (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

UnknownJust as on previous single Change Up, Ben Green brings a whole new level of gloss and positivity to the rap world. With too many of his peers and colleagues trying much too hard to sound edgy and tough, playing to the street cliches and questionable stereotypes, No Regrets breezes through,  fresh air blowing through a stifling scene. Whereas the competition seems seeped in a culture of angst and edge, darkness and greed, Ben Green treats life like a party. No regrets indeed, money is there to be spent, good times are to be had, if things are working out for you why not enjoy it?

As always he is lyrically deft, with dexterous and fast flows setting the scene and a delivery so shotgun fast that you can barely see daylight between the words. But the real standout part of the vocals is the production. Techniques that are often used to hide the lack of ability of a singer are instead used to enhance and create a new vocal concept creating an ultra-modern, effortlessly hip new rap sound. 

Musically the track below is spacious enough to allow the vocals to have room to breath and land more powerfully but intriguing enough to draw the listener in, a blend of skittering trap-infused percussion led beats and ambient R&B electronica.

This is cutting edge stuff, familiar enough to be able to draw a line back through what has gone before, from 70’s street corner rappers to the genres 90’s golden age through to the resurgence of commercial R&B and the more pop infused sounds of the modern age. In short, it is music that knows where it comes from but which is much more interested in creating the future than talking about the past.


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