It’s Your Boi Fabulous P. – Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

ITS YOUR BOI FABULOUS P (front)(GRAPHIC) - FABP AKA FABPZ THE _phixrAs Dirty Lil’ Communications proved previously Fabp goes much further than all of these rappers who claim to be pushing boundaries of the genre, he actually blows the whole thing up, rips up the rule book, erases history and creates a whole new year zero. But it is one thing to destroy, anyone can do that, but the clever thing is what happens next. He sifts through the twisted sonics and the broken fragments of music and puts them back together in new and interesting ways.

This time around the result is It’s Your Boi Fabulous P. A mash-up of stripped back rap, reggae vibes, skittering electronica, setting things off in a whole new musical direction. You could argue that this isn’t rap at all, in the same way that punk used rock and roll sounds to take an anti-rock stance and rave took dance grooves and beat them into a whole new genre. I guess anything that doesn’t quite fit into any one genre, any particular style, any recognisable form, anything that deserves its own generic label and then sits within it as the first of its kind could be a very important new chapter in the annals of music history. Only time will tell.


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