Walking on Air – Gordie Kerr (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Smooth is the word, although cool, slick and sassy would do just as well. Walking on Air is a wonderfully laid back jazz-rock cross over, one driven by the saxophone sophistication of the former genre and the verve and energy of the latter. It’s the sort of instrumental that has multiple uses, from late night, up town, blues bar to relaxing mood music for the home, sultry enough to make the perfect night time groover and energised enough to be the sort of song to start your day to. You could also imagine it as a sound score to any number of film or TV productions.

The charm of the track is that it balances the hypnotic with the exploratory in that it follows a steady and predictable groove but the saxophone lines seem to almost be a free form jam. It is this balance of the expected and the improvised, the beat driven and the almost ambient attitudes that hang on top of the song’s core structure that make it such an intriguing and interesting prospect.


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