The Lazlo Device share new single ‘Known to You’

mail-1London band The Lazlo Device are set to share another single from sophmore album You Stumble, I Fall. Having recently released their glittering end-of-the-night track ‘Beetle’, and the huge, desert-summoning album closer ‘You Stumble, I Fall’, the experimental post-rock foursome smash out an energetic beat complete with synth-fringed nightclub-ambience in ‘Known to You’. Seamlessly switching from ska at one end of the album and towering rock at the other, all whilst remaining true to their signature warm, noise-laden sound, the band’s versatility knows no bounds.

The dancefloor-ready ‘Known to You’ is, like Antidotes-era Foals, equal parts smart, fidgeting math rock-esque drums tapping out disco-friendly rhythms and earthquaking percussion and cymbals courtesy of drumming powerhouse Leo Fenn; flashes of soft synth and soaring saxophone peek out from the thick guitar-and-bass that characterises the heavier parts of The Lazlo Device’s sound. Out 10th August, ‘Known to You’ touches on the dark and danceable elements of this London band’s composite sound.

Arriving after their 2016 debut album Duelism – and several EPs in between – the upcoming You Stumble, I Fall is out 31st August. They’ve been compared to post-rock heavyweights such as Radiohead, Arcade Fire, and Beta Band, amongst others.

‘Known to You’ is out 20th August.


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