36587311_2071399079567893_5924860234681024512_oInspiration was to be found all around Mauro Elias Morone as a child, not least from his father,  Franco Morone, a renowned finger-style guitarist from whom he learned to take his first steps towards becoming a musician and performer in his own right. He then taught himself to play piano and to sing as well but it was whilst working as a DJ that he really began to explore the idea of creating his own music and express himself though such a form.

He has since furthered his quest to explore all aspects of music and production by studying sound engineering at The Italian National Academy of Cinema in Bologna and is a graduate of International Professional Certificate Program in Film and Television at UCLA.

His first music and remixes were released in 2016 via Dance Floor Corporation but he quickly made the decision that he should trust his own instincts and release his music independently to allow complete artistic freedom and creative control of his work. Later that same year Whispers was ranked in the top ten tracks of Spinnin’ Records Talent Pool annual selection and this year has seen the release of new music in the form of Break The Distance, a song that “proves that dance music doesn’t have to be simple, that it can be elegant, musically eloquent rather than merely pumping and functional.”

It is the first video in which ELYAZ features visually as a singer and musician and despite having taught himself many skills and learned to play a number of instruments since heading off down this musical career path, his real goal is to work as a DJ/Producer, to explore music from a technological and digital approach as well as a more traditional one.

ELYAZ is a man of the modern age. Someone who has studied music, plays instrument and sings, but also someone who understands that the world is a changing place, that digital forms are just as valid as analogue and acoustic ones, that there are no boundaries anymore when it comes to genres and musical forms. It is this range of skills and this breadth of imagination which means that rather than follow others into this bright new future, he is actually one of those leading the way.


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