Scene and Heard – CCCLXIX: Before It’s Too Late –  Major Moment (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

biplcbenjjoebmhaMajor Moment seem to understand that rock music can be both powerful and graceful, that it doesn’t have to be the testosterone driven blunt trauma cliche that less imaginative bands are happy to perpetuate. Instead, Before It’s Too Late mixes musical elegance with lyrical eloquence,  it creates its widescreen sound by layering up musical textures, by building beautiful sonic architecture rather than merely hitting the listener with a musical tsunami. The result is both soaring and euphoric and as florid and deft guitar work takes the song to its crescendo you realise that you have witnessed something inspiring.

Ironically alt-rock seems no longer an alternative to anything much but the mainstream option and as such has become the realm of identikit rockers with their leather jackets, skinny jeans and complicated hair happy to follow a template, one that ticks all the music industry boxes on their way to their fifteen minutes of fame. Thankfully bands such as Major Moment are offering an alternative to that mainstream…alt-alt-rock music perhaps? What ever you want to call it, if you are a fan of epic, sweeping and sky-scrapping music, Major Moment are set to become your new favourite band.

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