Fly High (Like Richard Branson)  – Clark Twain  –  (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

182944Heroes come in many shapes and sizes. I’m not sure if too many young musicians would see Richard Branson as a hero but I guess if you look at all the things that he is done, all that he has achieved, his use of fun, adventure and business as a force of good (glossing over him suing the British NHS for £2 million) there are worse people to look up to. Clark Twain certainly thinks so and Fly High, as the subtitle suggests is dedicated to Old Tidy Beard himself.

It is a song that is wonderfully difficult to place, generically it is brilliant pop with just the right amount of rock muscle, but beyond that it could fit into almost any era of contemporary music. It has the smoothness of the 60’s fledgling pop sound, the edge of New Wave, the underground vibe of the 80’s new pop sound and fits effortlessly into modern indie and pop movements. If that isn’t a definition of timeless music I don’t know what is.

PS: Award yourselves extra points if you recognise the song that this morphs into at the end and what the connection is with the aforementioned Mr B.


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