Thinking Sweet EP – Jübl (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

People of a certain generation always claim to know where they were when they heard that Kennedy had been assassinated. Others recall the moment that they found out that Elvis had left the building for the last time. Then there are others, like myself, who remember where they were when they first heard 69, the debut album from A.R.Kane. (If you must know I was sat in the corner of a friends bedroom, going through her vinyl collection as its dulcet and beguiling tones oozed into my own DNA; myself and dream-pop, a term that A.R. Kane coined for themselves, have been embraced in a love affair ever since that day.)

That was 30 years ago and to mark three decades since that criminally overlooked album saw the light of day, Rudy Tambala has announced the debut release from his new project Jübl. New might not be quite the right term as he has been making music with Maggie Tambala and Andy Taylor under the A.R.Kane name since 2015 but without the involvement of Alex Ayuli, the other half of the original duo, this move seems totally appropriate.

This EP also has a lot of sonic connections with that iconic debut album, blending the same elements of psychedelia, dub, rock, pop and jazz, elements that would also form the basis of everything from shoegaze to house to post-rock. Thinking About You marries rock guitars to a meandering club beat, hazy and ethereal vocals to a spacious, soft structured pop template and Sweet Dreams is a more languid and transient affair, a sonic lullaby, as the name suggests, gentle, warm and wonderfully fluid.

And in keeping with the revolutionary nature of Rudy Tambala’s approach to music, the third track found here is a fusion of the previous two, adding even more textures and tones, highs and lows to the already dynamic music. It’s a glorious new chapter, one that offers new musical plot lines and sonic characters but it is a book that many of us have come to love since that opening paragraph a generation ago.


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