Youth – Blue Apollo (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Blue Apollo Youth.jpegIndie has been all things to everyone at some point. It has been the cultish underground it has been the cool mainstream, it has been rock with less testosterone and more integrity, it has been pop with a bit of muscle. It is a term so wide it almost doesn’t mean anything. I would say though if you are going to enter the indie arena then you might as well do something like Blue Apollo. Okay, its familiar territory but it is ultra modern, wonderfully groovesome and it shimmers and a dream state haze.

Okay, it still sounds like we have been here before. And we may well have but few in the annals of indie have simultaneously out popped pop music, out grooved dance music or just made music so clearly and cleanly defined, so wonderfully transient and translucent without being few and fickle. To those like me who have been a round the block a few times listening to Blue Apollo is like discovering The Lilac Time all over again, to those with youth on their side (pun intended) it will sound like a whole new movement just pulling its musical boots on…cool looking Chelsea boots at that! 



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