Scene and Heard – CCCXLII : Vultures – Memorain (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

10456010_10152162391088870_4475702646082684416_nMemorain appear to be on a mission to keep rock music, especially that infused by its classic halcyon past, relevant to modern audiences. Not always an easy thing to do with the fickle finger of fashion constantly causing scenes to evolve and move on at an alarming rate, when the short attention span of the modern age and the sheer ridiculousness of the amount of music being made these days conspires against you. But they have one thing on their side. Heritage! 

Although they are certainly creating highly original music, it wears its influences openly like badges on a fading and ripped denim jacket for all to see. Badges that sign post everything from raw 70’s classicism, 80’s stadium sky-scraping, even 90’s grunge and the alt-rock of modern times get a look in. This is metal that tips its hat to the past without getting bogged down in its traits and traditions, music that knows where it comes from but is more concerned with wear it is going. And that is the reason why it is both familiar to the metal masses, plays into well worn comfort zones yet also carries a torch into the future.

Okay, it’s not like they creating whole new genres or travelling anywhere too far off the musical map, they may just be re-inventing the wheel, but they are certainly giving it a polish up, a paint job and a new set of white walled tires before leave burnt rubber tracks down the highway. Not that it is a problem, not everything is about kicking down the barriers and exploring new pastures, some of it is about diving for pearls in familiar waters. And that is just what Memorain is all about.


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