Scene and Heard – CCCXXVIII : In My Arms –  Simon Lunche (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

58b5ff0550380fdc1ebf2d223669d5cc250b920dSimon Lunche does something rare in modern pop music, though there is much more going on here than mere pop. In My Arms is the sound of a man bearing his soul, of being as open, honest and vulnerable as you can be and all in the name of love. It just doesn’t happen these days. For all of the lyrical sentiment and love-lorn rhetoric that pop is traditionally built on, I can’t remember the last time I heard a record in that genre that felt anything other than a calculated bid to win the listeners pop dollar rather than pull on their heartstrings. Simon Lunche is here to re-right that wrong.

It is a wonderfully emotive song, dripping with all of the qualities that made Jeff Buckley’s music so memorable, the space and resonance, the heart and the soul. Forget the vocal delivery, too much has been said about that already and Lunche has his own style anyway but anyone who can capture such emotion and heart-on-(record)sleeve romance in such straight forward musical lines is going to be an artist that you will want to keep an eye on.

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