Static Bloom – Hot Knives (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

a0771183819_16If the scope and style of music were expressed as a Venn Diagram, then at a point where funk, punk and psychedelia meet, you might not find many bands filling that intersection but it is definitely where The Hot Knives fit into the scheme of things. They weave crucial elements of all three genres neatly through the three songs that make up this e.p., punk’s attitude, drive and belligerent energy, psychedelic’s otherworldliness and dense swirling patterns and funks swagger and dance infused essence, and the whole lot blends together is a paisley patterned, drug-fug, hypno-frenzy.

It’s The Stooges playing with soul music, The Byrds exploring heavy metal, James Brown on an acid trip, it’s mutant rock, bruised blues, its all of that and more. The Hot Knives also embrace something missing from most modern bands…mystique, even down to the song titles, Sfincioni Dreams, Dank Zappa and Alhambra, Baby seem drawn from a world part mythology, part dark underbelly of modern society and the music matches these strange juxtapositions too. Guitars squall and squeal, drums beat avalanches of sound and basses brood and batter and then the whole lot is warped and blasted into space in a shower of freak out coolness.

It’s hard to really pin down Hot Knives in an easy soundbite, but then again you should be able to say that about all great music. Let’s just say that it is a collision of genres and eras, the past, present and future, the profound and the profane, of this world and the next and leave it at that.


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