Before She Knows – Rhett Repko (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Before She Knows - Rhett Repko (artwork)_phixrIf ever there was a place where the traditions of classic song writing meets the neon glare of the more fickle clubland scene, where rock merges effortlessly into pop, where dance grooves are subsumed into indie eloquence it is in Rhett Repko’s music. There was a time where the most interesting music was made out in the fringes, by non-conformist music explorers, snarling at the mainstream as they did so, but now it would seem that the fringes are mainly bastions of rigid, nostalgic conformity and anyone sticking to those old tribal allegiances in this post-genre world is missing out on what the modern age has to offer.

Rhett Repko is proof that you can work towards a very mainstream and accessible sound and still conduct interesting sonic experiments along the way. Before She Knows is rooted in rock bombast but is tempered my more perky pop poise, it wears indie shades and walks around with its collar turned up and the riffs are built from shimmering electronica as much as guitar grind and groove. Yes, the middle ground is no longer the place of comfort and conformity, it is becoming a place where the most fascinating music is being forged in plain sight. If you want a shot at hitting the hitherto mutually exclusive achievements of integrity and success, Rhett Repko is the man to learn from.


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  1. Once again, I can’t thank you enough Dave. To see that you can almost read my mind as I’m making the music is just an incredible experience and I’m blessed to see that it reaches you the same way that I feel about it. Thanks again for the incredible review. So very glad to see that you love our new single. Much appreciation.

    1. Hi Rhett, not a problem, the art of writing about music is to capture its essence and try to convey that to the potential audience, glad I seem to be getting that right. Good luck with it all.

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