Scene and Heard –  CCCIV : Someday The Record Might Show –  David Arn (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

309499_251509158224336_1110016079_nWhat generic pigeon-hole you drop David Arn’s latest release into really depends upon which texture of the music you hear first. Pick up on the guitar work and you might think you are heading into countrified territory, the hazy harmony vocals suggest dream-pop soundscapes, the groove some sort of ambient electronica, the delivery a sort of soulful rock and the vocals, piano and exquisite riffing gives an alternative blues vibe. But then again, this is 2018, we are beyond such labels surely?

So, Someday The Record Might Show is a strange and wonderful blend of genres, which is great, that’s how music evolves, without such artists we would be stuck in the past, and I’ve been there, it wasn’t all that – believe me.

There is an art to making music which seems to buzz with contemporary vibes yet echos with the sounds of the past but that is exactly the mix that David Arn manages to bring to this song. In an era where pop music, because this is pop, albeit heavily infused with the hall marks of Americana, as much as it is folk or acoustic rock or blues or anything else, seems to ever more be seeking to re-invent the tools that it uses to make its sound, here is something different. 

Because not only is it music forged from traditional sounds, musical snap shots and sound bites which we all have in our existing record collections, those sonic building blocks are fashioned into something new, forward-thinking, fresh and exploratory. It’s basic elements might be totally familiar yet this is as fun and funky as anything else you will find doing the rounds today.


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