Scene and Heard  –  CCLXXXIV : Anaweza  – Lady Jaydee ft. Luciano (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Anaweza-Art-work-1Music should cross boundaries, whether they are geographic, generic, cultural or whatever other restrictions we impose on our own creativity. And that is exactly what Anaweza does. Lady Jaydee is an artist from Tanzania, Luciano Messenjah hails from Jamaica, the song is sung both in Swahili and English and it exists in a place where past musical traditions merge with musics future potential, where African voices merge with Western pop. If that isn’t the sort of creativity we need in this day and age, then I don’t know what is.

With only part of the song being in my own language, I can only talk about it from the musical, rather than lyrical, point of view. But that isn’t a problem because the voice isn’t just a point of communication, it is an instrument, a rhythmic component, in its own right. Lady Jaydee’s  has the sort of voice that you could listen to all day, a wonderful blend of sultry and sassy, emotive and vibrant and Luciano’s vocal counterpoint is the perfect balance both counselling and consoling.  Add to that the sheer joy and energy being emitted from the song, from its beats and harmonies, addictive melody and infectious rhythms and you can help but love it.


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