Scene and Heard – CCLXXXIII : Shero – Da Voicez (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Da_Voicez_Cover-1-620x420Who says that pop music can’t have a conscience? Who says that pop can’t be both big and clever? Just because by its very nature it is a form aiming for mass appeal and therefore a certain amount of immediacy and infectiousness, doesn’t mean that it can’t have something to say. At a time when certain, age old social issues are being addressed once more, Da Voicez throw Shero into the ring, a comment on relationships, empowerment, confidence and being strong and patient enough to wait for the right partner to come along.

This R&B and pop-laced dance crew make a striking impression, old-school pop mixed with the confidence and candour of the modern musical age. But first impressions are easy to make, lasting ones are the real trick and beyond the impact of the video, Shero’s real skill is to walk a fine line between the swagger of pop, the grace and sensitivity of soul and the sass of R&B. The result is a track that neatly sums up why we need to throw away our old prejudiced and the tribal and divided ways of looking at music genres and embrace a new and holistic musical age. For Da Voicez do that most rare of things, they make pop that sounds both grown up and wonderfully infectious at the same time. Throwaway pop is two-a-penny, it always has been, and that is pretty much the nature of the beast and pop written specifically for a more mature audience generally misses the point, taking itself too seriously and forgetting why it came into the room in the first place. Shero, however, is the best of both worlds.

It hooks, it zings, it pops and it certainly grooves, it is accessible and it actually has something to say for a change but it is also cleverly put together, sassy, soulful and groovesome, and it adds an unexpected lyrical astuteness to this often misunderstood genre, so much so that the end result is nothing less than deep and meaningful pop.


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