Blue Bird  – Otherside (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Cover_160000_orangeMusical genres are pretty much the equivalent of having a nine to five job. Those who adhere to them follow the strictly dictated rules and follow the logical and practical sequences of their chosen path. They serve a purpose and make the world turn in an orderly fashion. That’s fine, it’s the norm, it is what is expected. But there are those who chose to make their own path, those who learn the rules only so they know which ones they can bend, which ones they can break and which they can ignore altogether. These are the mavericks and the dreamers. These are the people who make music like Blue Bird, an extraordinary piece of music by an artist we have met before in a different but no less mercurial and exploratory guise.

To Otherside music is like the sea, different parts have different characteristics but you are free to travel unrestricted through which ever waters you chose, shallow or deep, tranquil or dramatic. And whilst you do so the waters below you are constantly mixing and changing. As before Blue Bird is the musical form of a poetic statement, “Distant sounds of the blue bird echo in the night” and the result is, as you would expect, ambient, bucholic, hazy and minimal, like the sound waves is describes echoing out into the blackness of night, beyond hearing, beyond detection, existing more as a memory or idea than anything more tangible. The music seems at times as transient, fleeting and lost as the philosophical bird song it is trying to cage.

Just as before the music combines mediative and contemplative sounds and hypnotic repetitions which seem somehow to balance complex and intricate musical motifs into an overall finish which can only be described as complex yet minimalist. This instrumental is inward looking, soul-searching and wistful even as it broadcasts its ideas outward to the universe at large. And whereas lyrics are a form of communication which aim straight for the brain before engaging with the heart, this voiceless soundscape aims straight for the very soul.


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