Scene and Heard – CCLXXXI: Take Me For Me  – Bob Pepek (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

iuWe first came across this track as part of last year’s album Pratfalls and Curtain Calls, Bob Pepek’s masterful collection of songs which explored the world around him via a string of deft musical songwriting and accessible tunes. He wandered everything from heartland rock highs to more subtle and supple balladic lows and this track certainly falls into the latter category. It is a wonderfully understated piece, vulnerable and confessional in nature, slickly executed and  emotionally resonant.

Now with a video as part of the package, the song seems even more powerful in its underplayed and reserved way. To back up the frank and forthcoming message in the lyrics, the honest self-refections and “please take me as I am” request, the video is equally as stripped back and direct. The man just bearing his soul via his voice and guitar, as unadorned and open as the song it is a vehicle for. Sometimes the simple things are the most powerful, honest is the best policy, and less is more. Other cliches are available upon request but rest assured there is nothing cliched about this song.


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