Yehan Jehan releases new single Future Ringtone

m767_YehanPicWritten, recorded and produced himself, Yehan Jehan’s new single ‘Future Ringtone’ is the work of an assured craftsman with a preferred set of sonic parameters. Born in London to Bosnian parents, the 24 year old’s handsomely scuffed vocals and inventive melodies are met with a rhythmic vocabulary that draws equally and naturally from psych rock, funk and soul. A sublime lesson in gentle yet surging euphoria, Yehan’s voice balances the smoothness of Unknown Mortal Orchestra with the ebullience of George Michael, supercharging the melody with it’s falsetto heavy ad-libbing. Assured, inventive and unabashedly fun, it’s an intoxicating ultramodern stew that combines a myriad of influences meshed into one imaginative whole.

Growing up sleeping between drum kits and listening to compilation cassettes in the car on repeat, music was an ingregral part of Yehan’s life from day one. Swallowing his Dad’s vast record collection and giving it his own cosmic spin, he released his self-produced debut ‘Expansions’ EP to the world last November. Buoyant and masterful pop songs like ‘Freaking Out,’ ‘Swallow The Horizon’ and ‘Phantom’s Beat’ showcased his expansive sound, borrowing from multiple genres with consummate ease. 

Equally varied thematically, Yehan found the lyrics falling into three categories; fictional and dreamlike offerings, more personal songs related to love and heartbreak and those tackling his stance at the world. Armed with a drum machine, synth, guitar, siren backing singers and a saxophonist, it’s these three messages that Yehan wants to share with the world. 

His sold-out debut show at London’s Shacklewell Arms in March marked Yehan Jehan’s arrival on the live stage  and demonstrated his natural ability as a charismatic and agile frontman. He is back on the road in May, hitting The Great Escape and beyond…..


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