Blackburn Boulevard  – Echoglass (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

ECHOGLASS-BLACKBURNIf my first encounter with Echoglass caught their more thoughtful and mellow side with the slow burning and highly textural music of Drowning, Blackburn Boulevard sees them in more playful mood, musically anyway. Here, the medium is a sassy, indie infused, clean limbed guitar driven vibe, there is still room for the clever piano break downs and spiralling six string crescendos, but it gets to its point in a more direct fashion.

And its point? “Living your own life your own way”, being your own person, not conforming to anyone else’s expectations but your own. And as a series of cameo characters underline the point, the happy hippy chick, the octogenarian DJ, the dad dancing suit, the music obsessed hipster girl, the mom who dances like no one is watching but who quite frankly doesn’t actually care if they are, you realise just how life-affirming the song is.

The message is simple, it is your life, do with it what you will and this is the soundtrack to that independent and free-spirited attitude.


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