Signs of The End –  Song of Love (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

22554928_1562511940504574_4448267353892692753_nOne of the great things about the advent of cheap studio technology is the fact that anyone can invest in studio software, record and send their music out into the world. You could argue that this is also its downside, in that often the enthusiasm of making the music isn’t checked or balanced by the quality control systems that used to be built in when it was someone else’s money involved. This isn’t a criticism, more an observation, after all the more people being creative in any form the better.

The latest release from Song of Love, does suffer from this phenomena, but thankfully I am the sort of reviewer who looks past the sub par production and the unconventional sound mix and look more for the potential in the music. And there is a lot of potential, especially in the way that they think. After all six and a half minutes of squalling, old school metal, of shifting dynamics and relentless musical attacks is a brave thing to do, played a bit too straight to be called progressive but certainly thinking well outside the box.

Guitars blast through the middle ground or aim for arpeggio crescendos , drums play around the beat and bass lines pulse out interesting low end melodies but sadly the vocals get a bit lost in the mix. Like I say, its all about potential and there is plenty here but I would suggest that they invest a bit more time and thought into the production but it does make you wonder what they would sound like with a good engineer, a better mix and a decent studio to work in. That would be well worth hearing.



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