Scene and Heard – CCXXXXIII : King of The World –  Des Del Rey (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

photoUltralust are in many ways the sound and face of rock music in the modern age. Sonically a blend of old school rock and contemporary vibes, infectious melody and street smart music, grit and groove and just the permitted amount of pop polish. King of The World shows that even away from his regular music vehicle, front man Des Del Rey’s mission isn’t too far removed from his musical day job. Perhaps it edges a little towards a more commercial market, but you would hardly call it a departure from their signature sound.

And why not? If it ain’t broke…I grew up on rock music but I was always a closet pop consumer too, and Des Del Rey seems more appealing to my tastes than many of the testosterone laden shouters and heavier-that-thou sonic tsunami makers we have been fed in the past. Why be tough when you can be cool? Why be noisy when you can be full of groove? Why be outsiders when you can be accessible? Put another way, why not be Des Del Rey?

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