A Sudden Warmness –  Cherry Coloured (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

a0927677866_16They say that one swallow does not a summer make, similarly two bands does not quite equate to a scene, but from the outside looking in with bands such as Screens 4 Eyes and now Amit Buium working under the new name of Cherry Coloured, it does seem as if Tel Aviv is engaging in the same dream-pop/shoegaze revival that’s gaining momentum in the UK and US. Last year’s Void wandered though some drifting and hazy soundscapes, perfectly living up to the dream-pop moniker by combining a certain otherworldliness with enough pop structure to keep things from floating too far out of reach. A Sudden Warmness wanders similar territory.

And despite the musical references that Cherry Coloured alludes to, not least the one in the title, it is music which sounds familiar yet not quite reminiscent enough to be able to tie it down, an awareness of the musical heritage it is  a continuation of yet clever enough not to just run amok with its legacy, an extension to the canon rather than just a reworking of its core tenets. More than anything A Sudden Warmness is as thoughtful as it is beautiful, it delicately pulses and shimmers, drifts and chimes and whilst doing so ponders emotional distance, loss and separation but reminds us that kindness and optimism are still inherent qualities of the human condition. Gorgeousness personified.

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